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Clean Pallet with CO2 Pellets

Clean Pallet in 5,1 sek.

The pallet as good as new:

CryoCIP have make an new invented automatic solution, to clean a pallet in 5,1 sek. with CO2 3mm combined with powder 0,04 – 0,09. In a speed from 9 pcs. pipe hose system. The new system is a new technology type, that is possible to mix CO2 with additive in one hose system. The technical solution will give the option to clean a EURO pallet in 5,1 sek. the system is dry and is ready to go out directly after the cleaning. You dont has to dry it, because it is already dry.

Please contact us:

Please let us see on your business, that will give us the possibility, make more speed in the production. This new system can be used in others different kind of production, that need shortly automatic cleaning. You can call us direct +45 75 92 91 00 or send us an e-mail: export@cryocip.com

  • We can tell you the cost for each cleaning. And the cleaning will make your pallet as good as new. Please contact us for further information.
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