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Co2 mix with additives

Speed your CO2 cleaning up to mix with additves:

To mix CO2 with additives, is not so simple as it seem. There is two facts, you has to think about, before you shall install a CO2 mix system. One is the system to mix and the others is to mix as little as possible, and still to be so environmentally friendly as possible.

To complete, the mission, you need follow.

  1. Dry ice balsting machine
  2. a injector system with a special nozzle system.
  3. a single system to adjust your additives.

Spare part to your Injector system

Save energy and speed your Cleaning up:

you have som bennefit to made CO2 mix with additives. One is your speed can go from 1 – 10 time more then normal CO2 blasting.

When you are running with the mix system and because this is a vaccum system, the compress air has to be 5-6 bar. a normal Co2 blasting is about 10-16 bar pressure. the Reesen to adjust to low pressure is because of the injector system. If you do not the system will fail.

More economy to make the CO2 mix with additives:

To run Co2 mix with additves will save your use of CO2 because you choise to mix CO2 with additves. The CO2 use will go down 50% – 78% bacause, you need the addives. that mean if the use of CO2 is higher, you need for additives will be low, and the speed will be low. If you CO2 is low, you need more additives and the speed will go up.

The use of additives will be between 1 kg/hour to 15 kg/hour depending the use of CO2 Pellets and the pressure of blasting.

If the system is not adjust in the correctly position, there will be problem. There is about 18 point, you has to be sure, that those are correctly other Weis you will have problem.

CryoCIP ApS history was started in 2004 in Denmark, as a producer in stainless steel into the food and pharma industries, as exported food machines around the world. In 2004 we make a patent into CO2 Cleaning in a closed cabinet and belt cleaning. In  2005, CryoCIP developed a new Co2 mix with additives system. This was develop to accessories to Dry Ice blasting, to speed the CO2 cleaning up and still low trash as possible. In 2007 we start to export this all over the world. The system fit into all dry ice blasting system. The system save the client for energy and operation cost to at least 50 – 78% 

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Cold jet conected to TM33, CO2 mixed with additives.

On the video, you can see Cold jet dry ice blaster connected to the TM33. The pressure was 5 bar. the use of dry ice was 14 kg/ hour. the use of additives was 7,5 kg/hour. This can be your documentation, that the right dry ice blaster, connected to the right additves mix system. And there is 18 point more in the solution, before you get succes.

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