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New blasting technology

5INONE Blaster ™

CryoCIP new 5INONE™, is a new blasting method machine, that can blast CO2 dry Ice – Mix CO2 with abrasive powder – Soda Blasting – Sand Blasting – Triple Blasting. The new system technology can make 5 different blasting method in one machine. The weight is only 125 kg. All of this in a one hose system. The system has 25 programs and 55 combination program. Distributed across all 5 methods.

The system is develop to keep wear down. The special material that is use to keep the runtime on the machine up, this special material is develop into the pipe / hose and the blasting gun too, so it will make the mechanical dosage strong, to make the runtime for the dosage more effective and the system will hole longer then the known system today.

The new system will make an new revolution on  the blasting area. The new system will save the client for CO2 cost, materiale blasting media cost and the system will save the client for energy cost that in this system will be reduce of the energy what is well known today. The system is develop as a blok system, that mean you can build them together depending on how many line that has to clean at the same time.

In the new system, CryoCIP has develop af new Cryo abrasive valve system, that gives the possibility to change position of more than 1 line in use. That mean, that one blaster, example can deliver to 10 line independent of each line time schedule. In the new machine, this valve system is used as emptying the machine automatic.

More information: You can contact Mr. Hamme +45 20 21 50 40 or send an E-mail ssh@cryocip.dk 

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